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Linked Data in Linguistics: Representing and Connecting Language Data and Language Metadata

The volume is available in three formats:

  • a hardcover version from Springer (90.90€, 33% discount for authors), or
  • a MyCopy version (print on demand for registered institutions, ask your library) under SpringerLink (24.95€)
  • unofficial draft versions of the papers contained in the book are available online for free. Please see below.  We would like to thank Springer again for allowing us this option.

Bibliographical references for all contributions are provided as a single BibTeX file.

Online Proceedings

(Based on the submitted draft versions of the authors)

  • Introduction and Overview – Christian Chiarcos, Sebastian Hellmann, and Sebastian Nordhoff PDF
  • Treating Dictionaries as a Linked-Data Corpus – Peter Bouda and Michael Cysouw PDF
  • Integrating WordNet and Wiktionary with lemon – John McCrae, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, and Philipp Cimiano PDF
  • Integrating Lexical Resources Through an Aligned Lemma List – Axel Herold, Lothar Lemnitzer, and Alexander Geyken PDF
  • Linking Localisation and Language Resources – David Lewis, Alexander O’Connor, Sebastien Molines, Leroy Finn, Dominic Jones, Stephen Curran, and Séamus Lawless PDF
  • Reusing Linguistic Resources: Tasks and Goals for a Linked Data Approach – Marieke van Erp PDF
  • A Discourse Information Radio News Database for Linguistic Analysis – Kerstin Eckart, Arndt Riester, and Katrin Schweitzer PDF
  • Integrating Treebank Annotation and User Activity in Translation Research – Michael Carl and Henrik Høeg Müller PDF
  • Creating Linked Data for the Interdisciplinary International Collaborative study of Language Acquisition and Use: Achievements and Challenges of a New Virtual Linguistics Lab – Mariá Blume, Suzanne Flynn, and Barbara Lust PDF
  • Linking to Linguistic Data Categories in ISOcat – Menzo Windhouwer and Sue Ellen Wright PDF
  • Towards Linked Language Data for Digital Humanities – Thierry Declerck, Piroska Lendvai, Karlheinz Mörth, Gerhard Budin, and Tamás Váradi PDF
  • OntoLingAnnot’s Ontologies: Facilitating Interoperable Linguistic Annotations (up to the Pragmatic Level) – Antonio Pareja-Lora PDF
  • Using Linked Data to Create a Typological Knowledge Base – Steven Moran PDF
  • TYTO – A Collaborative Research Tool for Linked Linguistic Data – Andrea C. Schalley PDF

Aside from the participants’ contributions, the companion volume also contains the following articles that describe the Open Linguistics Working Group (OWLG) who is organizing LDL-2012, selected activities of some of its members, and use cases for a Linguistic Linked Open Data cloud as envisioned by the OWLG.

  • The Open Linguistics Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation – Christian Chiarcos, Sebastian Hellmann, and Sebastian Nordhoff PDF
  • Interoperability of Corpora and Annotations – Christian Chiarcos PDF
  • The German DBpedia: A Sense Repository for Linking Entities – Sebastian Hellmann, Claus Stadler, and Jens Lehmann PDF
  • Linked Data for Linguistic Diversity Research: Glottolog/Langdoc and ASJP Online – Sebastian Nordhoff PDF
  • Linking Linguistic Resources: Examples from the Open Linguistics Working Group – Christian Chiarcos, Sebastian Hellmann, and Sebastian Nordhoff PDF

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