August 14, 2011 (August 7, 2011): Submission of extended abstracts (four pages plus references)
October 23, 2011: One-page abstract for DGfS book of abstracts
December 1, 2011: Camera-ready papers for workshop proceedings (eight pages plus references)

We expect that at least one of the authors will be present during the workshop (7th or 8th of March) to give a presentation (30 min) about the accepted paper.

Extended Abstracts (due August 14, 2011)

Until August 14, 2011 (August 7, 2011) we are expecting an extended abstract of up to 2500 words plus references. With A4 and 10pt Times font, this corresponds to four pages plus references. We are currently considering several options to publish workshop proceedings, hence the layout required for camera-ready papers (due December 1, 2011) may be different.

Submissions (DOC or PDF) can be made to the EasyChair submission system. Please make sure that your submission is anonymous.

Camera-ready papers (due December 1, 2011)

Until December 1, 2011 authors are expected to submit camera-ready papers for workshop proceedings (eight pages plus references, LaTeX). For detailed formatting instructions and stylesheet see here.

One-page abstract for DGfS book of abstracts (due October 23, 2011)

According to DGfS regulations, authors of accepted papers are requested to submit an additional one-page abstract of their presentation until October 23, 2011. Formatting instructions will be provided in September.

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